Thursday, March 31, 2016

Vacation and question and answer

8 days!!!  In 8 days we will be on our way to Florida!!!  We are all excited.  I am packing and packing making sure we have everything.  Went to the store today or last minute things.

So what is a must have for your vacation when you travel?  We have 3 kids so entertainment for the car ride is a plus for us.  

Before I leave on vacation I wanted to get ideas on what you would like to see my blog about.  Is there anything you want more information on?  Any specific oil you like you want information on?  Any everyday product you want me to research?  You name it.  Give me ideas for blog ideas and after vacation I will tackle them!!

I did just purchase the above shampoo/conditioner today.  I have seen lots of information on them and was anxious to try them.  I purchased the smoothing blend (coconut oil and cocoa butter blend).  
The big plus it is paraben free!!  We tend to react to parabens and sulfates in our house.   They are suppose to be a more naturally made shampoo. I will let you know how it works for us.  This will be my personally opinion not one supported by Fructis as I just bought this on a whim at Wal-Mart today ;) .

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