Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Life

My Life
I have had a lot of more people start to read my blog so I thought I would do another post on who I am and what my life involves.  

Above is a photo of my kids; Bailey, Colton, and Hailey.  Beside that is me and my husband Ronnie.  This is my life, well besides these other 3 things lol

Rhonin and Max stealing my bed


I am very proud of my kids.  They always try their hardest and are always up for a challenge.
Hailey at Dance
Bailey in Ballet and dancer of the month for March

Bailey ran for little miss and received 1st runner up :)
She was very happy and proud and had a lot of fun

Colton is only 3 so he is not in any activities yet but he has a way of making himself stand out anyway ;)

Yup the tongue sums him up lol

Loves his Hulk costume and sleeping under a chair I guess lol

Bailey and Colton are very "graceful" I can say.  Colton has yet to get injured to bad but Bailey on the other hand......  This is just the most recent injury......

She defiantly keeps me on my toes.  

Daddy is in the Military and is actually getting ready to go for his promotion to E5.  We have not had to go through a deployment thankful, but he has been to Germany for some training.  Once he is promoted there may be a chance of deployment I think, but not for sure.  As you can see Colton likes to run the big equipment just like daddy.  He had been dying to go out to the big equipment all day but it was a hard hat zone.  Finally one of the higher ups so oooo take that boy out there!!!  So he got to climb on the equipment and was in heaven.

My days are spent at home with the 4 legged babies and Colton.  I decided to stay at home with the kids when the daycare/babysitter bill ate up my entire pay check.  I do sell dōTERRA essential oils and love to educate on essential oils.  I dabble in photography and love getting crafty.  Just don't ask me to sew lol.  I hope this helps you get to  know me and my family a little better  :)

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