Thursday, March 3, 2016

How to become get doTERRA wholesale prices

Did you know there are 3 ways to purchase oils from doTERRA??

Have you ever wanted to get the wholesale prices for doTERRA but thought No I don't want to have to sell so much a month, or carry stock, or the million other questions that always come up when you talk about signing up.  Well I am here to save the day :)

Becoming a wellness advocate is super easy and cheap!!!!  For $35 you can become a wellness advocate and receive the wholesale pricing!!  That's it!

You carry no inventory, you have no minimum sales per month.  No pressure to sell anything and when you renew your membership you receive a free 15 ml of Peppermint oil!!!!  Totally worth the $35 renewal fee.  

I signed on to originally just purchase for myself.  Then I had lots of people asking me questions about the oils.  So I got the books educated myself and turned to education and selling of the oils.  I have a few girls who signed on and just order for themselves.  They do not actively sell oils and they typically turn people to me if they are interested in purchasing oils.

Interested in becoming a Wellness Advocate go HERE and if you have any questions let me know.

I will go into details about the points program in another blog ;)

You will also have my knowledge and experience along the way with any questions you may have.

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