Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Aroma Ace Diffuser

I just recently received an Aroma Ace Diffuser and set it up in my living room.  I was a little on the fence about getting one because I had heard that the atomizer diffusers use up more oils than a regular diffuser does.  With that being said I wanted to do my personal review of the diffuser.

So here is the diffuser.  You attach the oil bottle directly to the diffuser to diffuse the oils.  I can see this is how it would tend to use more oils.  It has a 15 mL capacity

Here is the back side.   You will notice 3 knobs.  Starting from the top:

The first knob is for how long you want the diffuser to run.  From 1 all the way up to 20 minutes.

Next is the pause time.  After the diffuser runs you can have it pause for 1-20 minutes.  

The bottom knob is for how much mist you want toe diffuser to give off.  

So pretty easy set up.  I set mine up for diffuse 5 minutes, pause 10 minutes and a medium stream of mist.  I turn it off at night and only run during the day and I am on 3 days use of the same bottle!!  

But I did not use straight oils ;)  I was looking for more of the aroma affect at this point.  Now when it comes time for sickness in the house I will diffuse straight oils.  So here is my little trick that I used.

When I make my air freshener in the spray bottle I mix with witch hazel so I thought hmmm why not.  I filled the bottle with witch hazel, added 3 drops spearmint and 5 drops tangerine (dreamsicle mix) shook and placed on the diffuser........  And hot damn it worked great!!!!!!   Smelled just how I wanted it to smell and I didn't have to use a ton of oils.  

You will notice it is the same diffuser that Vanderbilt Hospital uses in the you tube video.  

Now the only downside to the diffuser is it is not as quit as a regular diffuser.  You can here it kick on and off.  It is not a loud diffuser per say but you can hear it if you are paying attention.  I have drowned it out now over the past few days of getting use to it.  

Over all I am really enjoying the Aroma Ace Diffuser.  If you would like to purchase this diffuser or any other product you can go here.   

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