Sunday, March 13, 2016

Camp Wechetoowin Hillsboro, IL

Last month there was a meeting held with the City of Hillsboro and local Scout leaders on what we are going to do with the local Scout camp in Hillsboro, IL.  From this meeting we have a committee that is meeting monthly and discussing options on what to do.  We meet out there on a Saturday and toured the camp and have a game plan in line that we would like to do.  Some requires money, some requires the man power and volunteers.  There is some money in the fund the main thing we are looking for is man power and knowledge of how to do some things.

One of the main problems at this point is there is not a good heating system out there to keep the building "maintained" during the winter so we must unhook and disconnect all the water once it gets cold weather.  In order to get a nice HVAC system kind of like what hotels use we have to first weather proof the buildings.  So here is kind of an idea we have talked about along with pictures.

The first building has been used for storage and the cooking side with a stove and a fridge.  As a whole we decided to convert this entire building into storage.  Move the refrigerator and stove over to the other main building.  By doing this we would only need to truly weather proof one building and thus save money in the long run.

The next building is the one we will try and weather proof with a HVAC system and have the kitchen area and bathroom located in here.   As you can see with out proper maintenance the inside ceiling is falling in.  Our plan is to possibly look at a metal roof, but nobody in the group has done this before so we would need some guidance if possible.  We would then be able to make a ceiling and insulate the inside of the building. Along with fixing the roof we discussed raising the building a block or two to help clear the overhang and the doors.  
Next on the list is the windows.  The windows in the front have shutters to cover them to stop vandals.  They would need updated to be more weather resistant and hold in heat.  Other windows we have decided could be blocked in since they are not necessary.  

The pavilion is going to be power washed and painted by a local boy scout for his service project.  

The fire pit area will be cleaned up and a regulation wood rack is being built.  

So we have a game plan and a list.  We are meeting again in a week or so to touch base and see where we stand with pricing and donations.  If you would like to help in anyway feel free to contact me.  We would greatly appreciate it.  Even if you are willing to come out and just lend a hand with clean up that would greatly help.  

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