Sunday, March 13, 2016

Service Are 20 Girl Scout Camp Out

This May we are planning an outdoor camp out for the local service area.  We are wanting to make it a back to basics camp out.  Teach the girls the basics of camping.

This is a link to the event page on Facebook:  Camp Out

We will be hosting this camp out at the local scout camp In Hillsboro, IL.  We are trying to promote awareness that the camp is still up and running.  We believe that people have forgotten about the camp.  We are in the process of doing updates to the camp along with the boy scouts, who we share the camp with.

We have had many people question why we would want to use this camp when Camp Soar was donated to the girl scouts last year.  Let me share some information that the public does not realize.

Yes, Camp Soar was donated to the Girl Scouts, but it is not for free.  Each building has a different charge, PER DAY.  The "green space" next to the pond has a charge.  The Ball field has a charge.  None of these are free and are all charged per day.   The cabins we use to camp are at a fee as well.  The camp itself is also still open to the public, which in some peoples eyes is a major safety and security p[problem.  So while the scouts are there, there are public campers as well.

I know for a fact that the other Girl Scout camps in the state are NOT open to the public.   As far as fees I can not answer because we have never used or called to use them.

Camp Soar still hosts multiple weddings all summer long.  This brings up lots of scheduling problems.  We are unable to use the camp when there is a wedding there.

Another issue we have is participation.  We have held many Service are events with a very low turn out.   We are trying to find ways to reach out to more members of the Service Area.  I have had many parents approach me after an event and say they had no clue that the event took place.  Somewhere the information stopped in the line of communication and they did not get the event information.  We are hoping to remedy this.

If you happen to be one of those parents who never hears about area events please give me your contact information and we will start sending you information directly.  I would rather have an email that I can send in mass to members that way we know everyone is getting told.

If you wold like more information on the upcoming camp out please ask as well.

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