Wednesday, April 11, 2018

New adventure: Taekwando

The very end of January Colton entered the world of sports ;).  He had sat long enough watching his sisters go to ballet and tumbling he was ready to get in the action.

This was his first night at Rising Sun Martial Arts.  He loved it!!!  And excelled very quickly.  Daddy took here so Colton was ahead of the game.  Daddy already knew everything he needed to learn.   Colton quickly moved from the white belt class up to the class with the older kids as a white belt.  

Here are a few shots of him getting some one on one time working his form and basic moves.  Colton learned his first form very quickly and was doing so well we approached Master Clayton and asked his thoughts on entering him in the tournament that was coming up.  He thought it was a great idea so we did.

Now this momma was a nervous wreck.  First tournament, in a foreign sport to me, and daddy had drill.  So grandma came with me and I have some great moms I know that went. 

As we sat at the tournament Colton was #4 of 5.  The first 3 kids went to the mat with their coaches.  And the coaches actually led them through their forms.   Now this surprised me.  My thoughts were you had to know the form to be able to compete.  So now it was Colton's turn.  He hops up, alone, goes to the mat, blows through his form and sits.  Many of the parents looked at me with a look like "holy shit".  I just smiled went back and sat with him and gave him a high five.  The 5th kid hits the mat and he runs the form on his on as well, no coach. 

Here is his form

Then it was time for placement:


I think he floated to the podium to get his medal.  He was so excited!!

He is still shorter than the second place kid standing on a platform above him  hehe

All in all it was a great day with lots of high fives all around.  Rising Son brought home the plaque for most registered students attending (34) and the kids brought home lots of hardware :)

This was the ride home.  After all the excitement wore off and a full belly.

Healthy Journey Update

Many of you have followed my journey of health from the start.  The past 3 months things have been changed up some and I wanted to update everyone.

Last June I started on a journey with Plexus.  I love the company, I love the products.  The only downside was the cost....  We now have 3 kids all in sports so money is a big issue.  I had to make a decision to stop taking the products and find cheaper alternatives.  

Now let me tell you there are some CRAP products out there!!!  But I Have found some that have me feeling amazing again.

The first thing I noticed as I went off plexus was the lack of energy and motivation.  That is when I turned to my oils.

doTERRA Motivate is an amazing oil.  This oil helps to ease stress, and has an uplifting aroma.  I apply the roller over my heart and within half an hour I am ready to go.  

doTERRA Peace was the next oil I turned to with help resting at night.  Bailey has used this a couple of times as well and both of us are very impressed.

Now, multivitamin.    This was a tricky one for me and took me up until a week ago to find one that even came close to the Plexus one.  I visited Tim at Sage on Sage in town and finally found my answer. 

Solaray High Energy Multi Vitamin with Iron.  They do offer an iron free version.  This is a once a day multivitamin capsule.  That was the first big selling point.  I have to have a capsule.  Tablets tear up my stomach.  The next selling point was the ingredients.  It contains Chromium!!!  This is what is in the pink drink by Plexus.  I have taken these for just over a week and can tell a huge difference in my energy level.  I am loving this pill.  Price point is amazing too.  I paid $18.69 for a 2 month supply.  This is the most recent thing I added and it has made a world of difference for energy for me.

Magnesium is another thing I can't go with out.  If I don't take it I am not regular at all.  It is bad!!!  I found an amazing supplement for this as well.

Now the label recommends 3 a day.  I only take one and that is perfect for me.  Ronnie takes this as well from time to time.  Only downside is they are a bigger sized softgel.  Since I only take one it is not to bad.  

Now there are some other supplements I take but will do a separate post on those.  It has taken me a long time to get the right combination that worked for me.  Because lets face it, not all supplements are created equal!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Oil Spotlight: Whisper

I don’t know about you, but I love the sweet aroma of spring flowers! doTERRA Whisper Blend for Women contains some of the leading floral fragrances used in perfume and aromatherapy industries. When these fragrances are combined together in doTERRA Whisper Blend for Women, it gives off a musky, spicy, and sweet aroma that is soft and warm. This blend is great for everyday occasions and also makes the perfect fragrance for a special night out. Dispense one to two drops in the palm of the hand and rub on clothing, scarves, and coats to experience calming emotions throughout the day.

This oil smells different on everyone.  IT works with your body chemistry for a unique scent.

Here is a blog on making your own perfume with it.  I for one am going to try this.  My whisper is sitting untouched in the box!!!  

Purchase HERE

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Crock Pot Bread

If you need a quick and easy bread recipe here is one for you.  It is a crock pot bread.  I have made 2 variations of it at this point.  I am thinking you can customize it in a lot more ways, but wanted to share with everyone.  

This is a picture as it is cooking.

This is a picture after we ate some :)

The recipe is super simple:

2 1/2 cups bread flour
1 cup warm water
1 pack instant yeast
2 Tbsp honey
2 Tbsp olive oil
2 tsp. salt
1 tsp sugar
1 Tbsp rosemary or thyme (this is the part I think you could customize)

Mix the water, yeast, and sugar and cover for 5 mins. (it will begin to bubble)

Once that is ready, mix it with the rest of the other ingredients with a dough hook until it is soft/elastic in texture (apprx. 5 mins).

Line the crock pot with parchment paper and spray with non stick spray.  Cook on high for 1 hour.

I am anxious to try this recipe and maybe add cheese in with the mix or other herbs.  I have made one loaf with rosemary and now one with thyme.  Both were very yummy.  :)

Friday, September 29, 2017

Montgomery County Illinois

I am sure by now you have seen that the county is making cuts.  Did you see the cut made to Animal Control?

They were completely CUT from the entire budget.  They now have to run off of an inheritance that they received.  Why??  Montgomery County Animal Control is the red headed step child of the county, always has been.  They are not liked nor accepted.  But to completely cut them from the budget?!?!

What happens when the money runs out you might ask.  The doors close.  You read that right.  CLOSED.  Now mind you that it is per state law that each county has an animal control. 

I am not sure how they can legally do that, but I have been doing research in free time looking into different things.

Did you know that the County has been paying for advertisements for this great and new CTI line that is coming to town supposedly.  To the tune of a $6,000 check??  I think more people need to start reading the minutes from County meetings and paying attention to exactly what is being done in these meetings.  The more I read the more irritated I get. 

County Board Meeting Minutes

There is a quick link for you to go and read them. 

Need more information, request it here.  I am going to be requested the new proposed budget to look at.


So if you are someone who supports Animal Control you need to come out of the wood work and show it!!  They need you now more than ever.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

Our area got to experience a solar eclipse yesterday.  There were some intermittent clouds during the beginning phase and then pretty much once we saw totality it was cloud and rained after that.  We were lucky enough to get to see the first phases to totality though.

Solar eclipse glasses were a very hot commodity around here.  We managed to get a pair the day before the eclipse.  There were people selling them on line for 10-20 dollars a pair though!!  It was craziness.

So in order for me to take photos of the eclipse this is what I had to do to the camera.  Not only can you not look at it with the naked eye but it would also burn out the camera lens.  So this was my position.  Looking straight up in the sky to get photos.

Here is my 4 year olds reactions.

Colton's reaction to the eclipse

Colton's reaction to the eclipse

The schools did get glasses for all the kids and did do special worksheets and lessons on the eclipse for the kids.

Even though we got to see alot of this it was still a very neat experience.

Here are some of my edited photos

Friday, August 11, 2017

No Books in School???

It is that time of year again, Back to School.  We recently had our 6th grade orientation night.  While there we were introduced to the staff, classrooms, and the lockers.....  With combination locks..  That is a whole other story for another day lol.

What I wanted to talk about is how the schools run now.  Almost all the schools do not have textbooks anymore.  When I was in school I had a book for each subject.  As soon as my 2 hit school I have yet to see a textbook!!!!

So how do the kids learn?  They have what look like weekly readers in the classroom.  These are what they use to learn whatever it is at that time.  The catch, the school only receives 30 copies of this so it has to stay in the classroom, but the kids use the Chromebooks and can pull them up online.  Ok, this is the scary part to me.  This is how our school runs and we are a small community.  I would consider a high poverty area.  I know lots of other schools run this way as well.  What do the kids do that do not have phones, computers, or internet at home do?  How do they do their homework if they need those?  I have heard some classes have a check out policy so they can take it home, which is great!  Only issue I see is there are over 100 kids that go through that classroom and I guarantee more than 30 probably do not have access to internet.

I know some classrooms do have a  book, but it stays in the classroom since they only have enough for one class.  Math.....  Math is still engaged NY for our school.  This means still just worksheets.  I am not sure what other schools use for math but would love to know!!!!  Our school went to Engaged NY when everything went to common core because this was a free platform if I remember correctly.

I know for one I did not learn math this way.  Pretty  sure most of us did not.  So when our kids bring this home it is like a foreign language to us.  To top it off no textbook to refer to in order to help them.  Where do we get help.....  You guessed it, hop online to look it up. Now I happen to be one of the parents that bought a set of books to help us out, but these books were around $300!!  I paid $300 to relearn math I already learned!!!  These books will get us all the way through college, but still not everyone in this area can drop that kind of money for books on math.

Now, I am a mom who is very active in their kids schooling and I personally know alot of the teachers.  This helps in a big way.  I know what is going on and if I need to I contact that teacher.  Our school does have a great way to stay connected with the teacher and classroom activities, but once again that is all online.  I get we are in a digital age, but I think it is a very high poverty rate as well.  I have a feeling this year will make or break a lot of kids.

I would be interested to hear how other schools are ran and what kind of curriculum that you do.

I really do love our school system.  This is in no way a bash at our school, because I know we are not the only school that does this.  I have had retired teachers come to me and ask me things about school and when I tell them they are floored at how the school system is ran.  It use to be a teacher would spend there summer making lesson plans and getting ready for the year.  Now the lesson plans are pre made for the teachers and they all teach the same thing.  It is good in a way because I can call another mom if need be and ask them something, but also bad because the teachers do not get to personalize their way of teaching.  Now our teachers still try to keep some personal touches in the classroom and I love it!!  I know other schools that they do not.  

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Head Cootie Spray

It is back to school time and what does that mean?  Them little, pesky head cooties!!!!!

What do we do in our house?  We have an all natural cootie hair spray that we use every morning on our hair to help prevent and deter them.

Here is my recipe that I have used almost 4 years now:

Grab a 6 or 8 ounce spray bottle
Fill almost to the top with water
Add a splash of Witch hazel (helps mix oil into the water)

15 Drops of Melaleuca
10 Drops Lavender
10 Drops Rosemary
5 Drops Peppermint

Shake before each use

Now, not only can this be used on someones hair, it can be used on coats, backpacks, or lunch boxes.  You name it you can spray in on it without fear of an oily residue being left.  The Lavender also has some detangling properties so it works great on my girls hair in the mornings to help get the tangles out.  

Here is a video explanation as well:

Here is a link to my oil page if you would like to purchase the oils:

Monday, July 31, 2017

Insurance Company Denial of Dads injections

Today's blog is more of a bash at the Affordable Healthcare Act.  This "act" has now denied my dad multiple times for crucial health care that he needs.  I am posting a copy of the appeal that I am writing to the insurance company below.  I have edited out the personal information but left the details.  I am hopeful the insurance company will reverse their denial.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hillsboro Rocks Game with Prizes

Hello everyone!!!!  A couple of people in the Hillsboro, IL Rocks page wanted to start a fun game for the kids.   It is easy.  They are painting rocks with letters on them.  On the bottom there is a number.  The idea is simple.  Get the kids out to find the letter rocks and form words.  Your score is the total of the numbers on the bottom.

Go to the Hillsboro, IL Rocks page and post your word and score.   Prizes will be awarded.  Since it is back to school time they decided to award some school supplies.

This game is in no way sponsered by Facebook ( they make me say that 😜 )  The prizes won't be a huge prize but I still think it is a great idea to get the kids out and active and using those brains before school starts.  The bigger the word the higher the score 😉.  Once the game is done I will add the winners to this blog post so be sure to click the follow button on this blog.

So be sure to check for clues on Facebook to see where they have hidden the rocks and as always Happy Hunting!!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Back to school

It's that time of year again!  Time to get the kids ready to go back to school.  Show of hands who is ready  ✋✋  I know for sure I am ready.  This year I have a second year preschooler, third grade, and sixth grader.   Now my sixth grader is the one with the biggest adjustment.

In our school district sixth grade you move to the Jr. High, have lockers with combination locks on them, and change classrooms.  I have come across some ideas to help our littles transition and wanted to share.

One big thing is how to use a combination lock.  I remember learning how to do this and it can be frustrating so I have found some information to help.  So run to Dollar General or somewhere close and just get a cheap combination lock for them to use to practice with.

Her is a great video I came across

And here is a great graphic

Another big step is having a schedule to follow and remembering it.  You need to not only remember it but be sure you have your books and supplies for that class.  It can be a hassle at first to dig out your schedule every time you go to your locker but I found an awesome way to put it on your locker door and make it so that you can rearrange if it changes:

Popsicle sticks!!  You can decorate the sticks by coloring, painting, or using decorative tape.  Each stick is a class and room number and then put magnets on the back.  Tada!!  Open your door and there is your schedule.

 The next thing I came across when searching around was help remembering passwords.   I know my elementary school kid has like 4 passwords to use in school!!!!!  I know I Have a hard time remembering mine so I can't imagine with everything they have to remember it being difficult to remember.  So I found this idea:

Simple, cute, and easy.  They can stash this in their backpack and if they need it, it's there.

I found another cute idea that I think I am going to do for my step daughter as well.  Its a school survival kit.  Now I found some different ones but you need to be sure to check your schools policy on carrying Tylenol and such with them.  Most schools do not allow this. Here are a couple ideas that I am going to run with:

Basic idea is a cute little bag or container.  I have seen an altoid container used and that would be more up the alley of what a boy would want ;).  Place random things that they may need during the day.  Lotion, chapstick, wet wipe, sanitary things for girls ;), deodorant, band aids, hair ties or bobby pins, kleenex, and hand sanitizer.  I know our school is a gum free zone.  So be sure to check on gum or mints things of those nature as well.

Anything to help our kids feel a little more comfortable and less stressed I am all for it.  Do you have any other ideas let us know.  Like this blog click the follow button for more great blogs  :)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Hillsboro, IL Rocks!!!

So there is a new trend going around small communities in Illinois.  Painting and hiding rocks in local spots around town.  I the idea is to go out find the rocks and either collect or re hide them. What is this being called.........  Hillsboro Rocks or Litchfield Rocks....  Whatever your town is ROCKS!!!!!!

My kids have had a blast doing this already.  We have yet to paint any ourselves, but we have hunt and re hid lots :)  

Now rules.....  Not to many and most are obvious.   Do not place them anywhere that a lawn mower may hit them 😆  That could be very bad as some of the rocks are a good size.  Hide them in any public location.  Here are hot spots for Hillsboro where rocks have been hidden at already:

Main street Hillsboro
Old Courthouse
Beckemeyer Elementary School
Hillsboro Jr. High School

Other ideas I had was  maybe at the Public Library, Central Park, Sports Complex and maybe even the campgrounds.  The main thing is keep it safe  :)  

We are going to be making a way for everyone to publicly post when they are hiding and a photo if they would like of what they are hiding.  You can give clues, you can tell what spot you are hiding at that day.  When posting you can add the hashtag #hillsbororocks as well and then people can search that way as well.

Now the best part decorating the rocks.  You can use just about anything from paint, fingernail polish, markers, glue on jewels, etc.  If you use marker I would probably use a sealer on it.  On the back right Hillsboro rocks keep or re hide.  Here is a cute idea we have seen and started:

 Once we get the facebook page all set up and ready I will place a link in this blog so you can find it.


Come follow us on Facebook :)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Buy one, Get one free Oils

This week is the buy one get one free special with doTERRA.  I will spotlight each special each day.  The specials are only good for one day and you must order it the day of the special.  This is a great way to build your oils as well


Buy a 15 mL Melaleuca, get a 15 mL Purify for free

Here is a little about each oil.  These are 2 of my all time favorites that is for sure.  I use Melaleuca on a daily basis almost and purify goes in my laundry :)  It helps combat stinky odors in the laundry.  Especially from my puppies.