Friday, May 27, 2016

End of First Grade

So this happened..  My girl finished first grade!!!  Hard to believe.   I will have a pre k, 2nd grade, and 5th grader all next year.  
The last few weeks of school were a blast   Lots of fun activities with the kiddos, including the rainbow fish play that had been working extra hard on.  Bailey played Angel fish.

The next fun thing was a pizza party that Colton and I went to and had fun with the kids.  After the pizza party was fun with shaving cream.  Oh my!!!  I have never seen the kids as hyper and excited as they were playing with the shaving cream.  Colton even got in on the action.  

We also gave Mrs. Neely her end of the year gift this day.  It was an "Orange you glad it's summer" basket.  I try to get creative with the gifts and this is what I came up with after cruising Pinterst.

I have to say between the kindergarten and first grade classes I think I got more attached to the first grade.  I spent more time in class doing math and reading centers with them and really got to watch them grow.  Very blessed to have teachers that love to have the parents come in and help out.  

Ballet Recital and Suprise

So where do we begin on this crazy month.  One of the first major things that happened was the ballet recital this year.

Both of my girls take dance at Fusion Dance Center.  Bailey was in the Kidlet class that taught ballet and tap.  Hailey was in hip hop.

This year Bailey's costume was a cat!!!  Of all things lol.  Her favorite animal.  The Theme was Once Upon a Time.  One major plus this year.....  Only 1 costume change.  Last year was 4 I believe, which was great since Ronnie was out of town and was just me, grandma and Colton.  

Dress Rehearsal 


Tap (bad quality was taken with my phone)

Hailey is the one upside down lol


Baileys Bear and flower from the recital

Now the Dance center has a new competitive team that they hand pick girls to join.  Guess who got a letter to join last week!!!!!!!  Bailey!!!!  So proud of her.  he worked very hard this past year and now she gets to join the team.  Now mommy may have to sell a kidney to pay for this but its worth it to see her do something she loves!!  Can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us.

Monday, May 23, 2016

I am back!!!!

Hello Hello!!!  I am sure some of you have wondered if I feel off the face of the earth.  LOL  Not quite but I have been running like crazy.  End of school year, ballet recital, girl scout bridging ceremony......  To name just a few....  So here s a quick run down as to what we have been up to and I will get to more detailed posts on each soon

Softball season has started

Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony

Dance recital

Pre K Assessment....  :(

Last day of school..  

She didn't want to go

4H Project

Oh and we saw Angry Birds!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Upcoming Girl Scout Area Events!!!

Calling all Girl Scouts!!!!

Or those interested in becoming one!!!!!!

I wanted to take this time to layout the upcoming events for the Service Are 20 Girl Scouts.  Any questions please ask.

Sunday May 15, 2016

There is a Teddy Bear Tea Party for those ages 5 & 6.  
This will be an informational event for those interested in joining Daisy Scouts.  

It will be at The Zone in downtown Hillsboro from 1-3 pm
Bring your favorite teddy bear and join the tea party.  No RSVP required.

For the older girls on Sunday there is an event at Camp Soar

From 2-4 pm at Camp Soar come out and see the mini golf course that was done for a silver award by Troop 6415.  Play a round of mini golf for free and get a free patch as well. There will also be a craft and a snack provided.  

You do not have to be a registered scout for this event. 

Saturday June 18, 2016

Service Are 20 Father/Daughter Fishing Day

11-4 At Camp Soar at the Pool House Pond

This is an event for the whole family!!  Your leader does not have to be present.

Bring your fishing pole and enjoy fishing and other events.  Hot dogs, buns, drinks, plates and utensils will be provided.  We ask that you bring a covered dish.  

If you plan to attend you can post here or in the event page what you are bringing.  

July 18-22 2016

There's no place like twilight camp!!!!

This years twilight camp will be held in Hillsboro at the Camp Wechetoowin Camp.  The theme is based around the Wizard of Oz!!!

This is open to all girls in K-8th Grade and you do not have to be a registered scout to attend.

This will be every evening from July 18-22 from 4 until 730 pm.

Cost is $30 per child  This covers food and activities

RSVP by July 11  217-556-3049 or you can post here as well

**  If you would like to be an adult volunteer please let us know!!!

There are lots of fun activities planned for this summer and the girls.  If you are not a Girl Scout that is fine you can still attend, if you would like information on joining just ask!!!

We are also looking for active leaders!!!!  If you have a passion for having fun with kids and helping them grow we need you!!!!!  You do not have to have a girl in scouts to be a leader either!!  If you would like to become a leader let us know!!  

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

DIY Lavender Bath Salt Soak (Sleepy bath soak)

So today I am getting together a basket of goodies and decide to make a bath salt for it.   I then remembered our new local store has fresh herbs.....  YAY!!!!!  Sent him a message I was in need of a little bit of lavender.   

Today's mixture is a sleepy salt bath soak.  

Epsom Salt
Baking Soda
20-30 Drops Lavender Essential oil
10-15 drops Rosemary Essential oil (this was a late addition so not pictured)
And then I added fresh dried lavender

I used a pint jar so I measured half a cup of baking soda then filled the rest with epsom salt.

Once measured I dumped it into a glass jar and added the oils and mixed.  Once done I added in approx. 1/4 cup of lavender and stirred.  Then I spooned it into my jar.  I will add a label and such as well.  

Add approx. 1 cup to your tub and relax.

Homemade Laundry Detergent

I have mentioned in past blogs about my homemade laundry detergent.  Well today was mixing day after over a year !!!  This batch I mixed should last me a year if not longer again.


1 box of borax
1 box baking soda
1 box super washing suds
1 container of oxi clean ( use oxi clean free)

I have a large bucket that I mix in:

This was an old chlorine container that I cleaned and now use to mix in.  I dump all 4 containers into this bucket and mix.  Tada.   If you do not have this big of a bucket mix equal parts in your container.  Use 1 tablespoon per load.  And this can be used in HE washers.  

This has been the best detergent I have ever found.  All others we react to.  Nobody in my house reacts to this one.  I never even switched for Colton when he was a baby.  I used the same.

A lot of people wash one persons laundry in one ting and another in a different.  What I learned from my years of experience with sensitive skin, if it is used in the washer it leaves a residue so the next load still has this detergent on it.

When I was about Bailey's age my dermatologist and got the official no scent no dye diagnosis.  So Mom bought the scent free dye free detergent.  Stopped using downy on my clothes.  I started to use Basis soap and vanicream lotion.   She washed my laundry in only All Free.  NO downy and no dryer sheets.   She washed her and dads laundry in tide and downy.    We returned to the doctor and there was no improvement.  So mom told her what she did.  The dr said there is your problem.  EVERYONE must change detergent.  Not just her clothes.   There will always be a residual from your detergent in the machine.  You have to change everyone over.  

So home we go and mom made the switch.  since then no issues whatsoever.   So when someone tells me I wash mine in this and I was theirs in that because of allergies I explain this to them.  I hope this helps others that read this as well ;)

If you are the person who has to have a scent you can do so by adding essential oils as well to your laundry routine 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Service Area 20 Girl Scout Camp Out

This past weekend was the spring cam put for our service area.  The girls had a blast!!!  The weather was perfect for camping overnight out in our tents!!

The older girls were in charge of getting us a fire going on Friday night.  They did a great job with the fire safety.  We had pizza over the fire and peach blossoms over the fire.  Both were super nummy

We had a hand wash station outside so they could learn how they could wash their hands if there was not a bathroom around.  

Mary came from the ambulance and did some basic first aid with the girls and they made little first aid kits on Saturday.  They learned a lot from Mary.  Thanks again!

Friday evening there was a couple of crafts and SWAP making and some games.  We made s'mores over the fire just before going to bed.

Saturday morning the girls had to "hunt" their food out in the woods.   This is called a jungle breakfast.  They had fun hinting their food.  

They made nature journals and went for a nature hike early in the morning as well.

More crafts.  They made pine cone decorations that they could hang outside.  Colton had returned by this time and had to be in on the action as well.

The younger girls made dream catchers and the older girls did wind chimes.  

Lunch was your typical hot dogs over the fire.  We had left over peaches so I made a big pot of peach blossoms again  :) 

The girls had a great time and I think the moms did too.  We did have a visitor that night playing in the trash but he was well mannered besides banging the trash can.  He didn't' make a mess just noise :)   I tried to catch him at the mischief but never could see him.  

The girls are already asking when we can camp out again.  If your troop is interested in using the building for a troop camp out let us know whe can get you on the books!!!!