Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Welcome to Plexus

Alright everyone.  I signed up as a Plexus ambassador 2 days ago.  3 weeks ago I started 1 little product that made such a HUGE change in my life I signed on to be an ambassador.

Now I am going to be the first to tell you I was a huge skeptic of Plexus.  I had always heard it was weight loss, help for diabetics....  NOT what I needed.  I sure as heck didn't need weight loss, I am not diabetic.   I did still follow the girls on it.  3 weeks ago Caitlyn posted about a new product that caught my attention, Vitalbiome.

Now read that really closely.  I have to say the past year I have come to a very very stressful point in my life.  To much all going on at once and stress, lets just say I had it by the bucketful.  GI Distress....  I have always had that from a child.   Stabilize stress hormones and promote relaxation.  Yes please !!!!!!   I decided to take the leap and purchase this product.  In a matter of 1 week I noticed the stress level had greatly decreased.  I noticed my GI system starting to detox some.  Not the holy moly run to the bathroom, but a gentle cleanse a little a day.  By week 2 I could tell hormone stress was starting to level out.  I Had a partial hysterectomy almost 3 years ago so hormones for me, well they SUCK.  But all of a sudden with this product I could tell a major difference ;).   By week 3 holy moly, Where do I sign up.  And I did.

I am so excited to get the companion products that go with this.  I ordered the Triplex Combo

I will soon have the Probio5, Bio Cleanse, and the Slim products to go with my VitalBiome.  I am supper excited to get them started.  Look at all the benefits that come with using them together.

You take your VitalBiome in the morning with your slim.  (feed your seed)  Then before bed you take the other 2.  This is because your stomach will be empty and they can go to work weeding.  All these products work hand in hand to help get you a healthy gut.  A healthy gut is where everything starts.

So who wants to take this amazing journey with me!!!!!!

My Plexus Page

Friday, June 23, 2017

I'm back!!!!

Hello!!!!!!!   Wow it has been since January that I made my last blog.   Let me explain.......

As most of you know I started to work at the animal control here in town to help support my daughters ballet competition fees.   What was a part time job turned quickly into an almost full time job.  On top of that I had the kids activities, school, and house to tend to so blogging.....  Well blogging was low on the list.

This week I had to resign from the shelter.  It was becoming to much for me to handle.  I wasn't able to do the things with my kids like I wanted, unable to help my parents the way I wanted.  The house was a disaster almost all the time.  Something had to give.  I also missed my oil family dearly.  I still spoke with my customers but the education was not there.  I didn't have time to do anything with the certification that I received for my blog.   Well now I can go back to educating and sharing  :)

My amazing and loving husband got me a great new laptop so I am taking full advantage.

So within the next month I will start sharing lots of oil education things that I have been saving for months and months since becoming certified.

And to recap in 2 photos.....  This is how the ballet season ended.....  I couldn't be more proud of these girls.  They had a great season.