Tuesday, January 24, 2017

DoTERRA Certified

I am proud to announce that my site has been officially approved
to hold the DoTERRA seal of approval.

I am very proud to be able to hold this seal.  It means I am in compliance with all the regulations put forth by the FDA :)

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Stomach bug and oils

So yesterday at 530 am I get woke up by Colton.  Not in a great way but to him getting ready to get sick.  Fever of 101.  Great the stomach bug that is going around has hit......

This bug going around is the nastiest thing I have heard of for a while.  Lasting 3-4 days and is relentless.

So as an oil mom the first thing I did was run to the kitchen and grab the DigestZen oil and applied this to his stomach.  This oil  helps to ease queasiness.  This greatly helped me the last time I had the stomach bug so I knew this was my go to oil.

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Once we awoke around 730 mom went to work.  The next thing I did was get out the OnGuard roller and OnGuard oil.  This oil is an effective alternative to a more natural way to boost immunity.  You can diffuse in the air to cleanse it.  It supports healthy immune function.  

Purchase here

I rolled this on Colton's feet and my feet.  To help support both of our immune systems.  I then started to diffuse it to cleanse the air.  

Colton slept most of the day.  When he would wake up I would oil his belly and feet again.  Luckily he only got sick one time  and had minimal diarrhea.  

Before bed I oiled him up  again and added Lavender and Frankincense to his chest.  Frank is another great oil to help support healthy cellular function.  It can also be used to help promote relaxation.  Lavender is also used to help relaxation.    I would say they worked well we slept all night and today he woke up and says mommy my belly is all better!!!!!!!!!

I am a firm believer of these oils.  Everyone who has had this bug it has lasted days and has been nasty!!.  I really believe had we not had the oils he would have been much sicker and it wold have lasted way longer.  

I love my oils!!!!!  If you would like to purchase them you can go here.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Year, New Me

Hello Hello!!!!  So last year I failed t my blogging goal :(   This year I am going to try again.  I did help on another blogging website get some blogs out though :)  And still send from time to time to her.

So this year I am going to try the whole blogging thing again.  Blogging on a little bit of everything as usual.

I have noticed in the past year since my major surgery I am still working on alot of issues caused from the nasty little things they removed.  One major thing is hormone balance.  So I have been researching some all natural oil options and have a plan in line I think.   IT works I will be sharing.

What else is new....  Lets see Bailey is in full ballet mode gearing up for her competitions.  Hailey is loving being back in tumbling.  And Colton loves Pre K.  And I absolutely love my new job at Animal control

We have a new animal in the house.

Meet Nemo.  HE came to us at the shelter on 9/27 barely 3 days old.  Eyes still shut.  The girls and I thought for sure this was going to be a bad outcome but I would give it a hell of  a shot syringe and bottle feeding him.   Low and behold I am a cat whisperer!!!  Who knew?!?!?!  Well now he is my baby and I his mommy.  We have a tru mother "son" relationship.  HE will even whine until I lean over and pick him up and he stands up on his hind legs to be picked up!!!!!  HE is now a full fledge Christian.  We adopted him on the girls Birthday.  There was no way with the bond we had I cold take him back to the shelter.  So he is our Foster Fail lol

IF there is anything you would like me to blog on let me know!!  I have some ideas in the works hoping to get to this once a week or more