Sunday, January 17, 2016

A year and whipple later......

As many of you a year ago my family was preparing for a major surgery.  My dad was getting ready to have his first ever surgery.  And not just a minor one.  He was going in for a surgery called a Whipple procedure.   This is no minor surgery.  It is worse than an open heart surgery.  And boy they were not kidding.

Surgery itself went great, recovery not so much.  First of all morphine + my dad = on mean sob. lol   No easier,  nicer way to put it.  He also does not remember 15 of the 18 or so days he was in the hospital and we attribute that to the morphine.   I am kind of glad he doesn't because I was not a very nice daughter to him while he was in there.  But it was all for his cause and getting out of the hospital.

On the 3rd or so day dad started to act really funny.  They called a rapid response team on him twice.  Now coming from a medical background...  Rapid response is not a good thing.  At first we thought it was his heart.  Then come to find out he had thrown a blood clot in his lung.   Even scarier....  My aunt and uncle had just left to head for home.  Thank god for them as they turned around and came back.   After kicking my mom out of the room because dad was not being very nice at all to her I inserted my foot in his ass and made him do what the nurse needed.  Once done I had to leave the room and walk to the waiting room to call my husband....  In tears..  

To the ICU it was.     When in the ICU we got the news that would turn things around....  No Cancer!  None....   It was a cystic fibrotic mass.   Once we had that news it was on to heal and get home.  

After 18 days in the hospital we finally got to leave, but bringing his drains still intact home with us.  We also had to give shots to put the pancreas asleep to heal.   Ok no biggie we got this.....  Then the infection came in the incision.  A frantic phone call While dropping of Bailey at school and then a rush to Springfield to the dr to have the wound packed.  Months and Months of antibiotics and time healing.

Pounds and pounds lost.  My once 160 pound dad was no more than skin and bones.  Test and test.   I swear since that surgery they have ran every test except a pregnancy test.

Another stent in the hospital due to the fact of no weight gain and food tasting like garbage.  He started to eat, things tasted great.  Attributed to lack of zinc......   Then back to tasting like garbage.   Off and on he eats, then he doesn't.  Back and forth.  To a new dr in St Louis.   More test.   More procedures.   Nothing no answers.  Until the stool test came back and  it said low on pancreatic enzymes.......   Something we had been begging for since JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!  Me and mom...   We had said it since June...  But every dr, no he does not need those........  Nobody would even just humor us and run the correct test...... We wonder if we would have been given enzymes would we have been where we are today.

So we started the enzymes almost 2 months ago and honestly we are not seeing a big improvement.  He has what we believe to be an umbilical hernia now.  It is causing pain on top of everything else we are having to deal with.  The dr brought up surgery but dad barely weights 100 pounds.....   He and I prefer to have some meat on his bones before another surgery.

He still has things he will eat like a pig and things he can not tolerate the taste of.  No rhyme nor reason to it.  It is frustrating.  Frustrating watching my dad be frustrated.  Frustrated the drs really can not give us an answer.  Just plain frustrating.  He has no energy..  He can not sleep.  HE is in pain.  And there is nothing..  Not a damn thing I can do to fix it.  All I can do is research and ask people who have walked in these shoes....

So if you have been here before and have any suggestions, input, advice.  I am all ears...  Trust me I am willing to try anything to help him...


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Community in Mourning

For those who know me you know about our precious community....  For those who do not........   Our community is falling apart at the seams.....  So much tragedy over the past years and more and more just keeps pounding it non stop.   This all started about a year and a half ago.   I was sitting at home.  I had heard there was a horrific crash on a popular country travel road for teens called Seven Sisters.   Said my prayers for the family and kids and went about my day.  Until I got a strange text from my best friend who then proceeded to show up at my house jumping out of a moving care in tears..........  Her nephew.......   So this was the first blow that started things and they have not stopped since......  After we made it through that tragedy I was struck with one of my own.   My dad became ill and all in a months time we went from ill, to a tumor, to surgery and 18 days in the hospital..........  That is an ongoing story in itself...

After this we had smaller things pop up here and there including myself having a major surgery.   Then it all started up again....  More kids in accidents, killed, sudden deaths of younger adults that should not have happened, including a dad of one of Bailey's classmates (that was a tough one to talk through).  And then a suicide of a young teen.........  And then another adult gone to soon...........   I know i am missing other major ones but I think this gives you an idea of how our community is breaking.   The poor kids of this community...   3 kids gone all too soon all around the same high school age.....

With my best friends accident we did a lantern release in his honor at the lake.....  I volunteered to take photos.  I dabble in photography so I thought maybe I can catch some special moments for them.  And did....
My request to the girls...  Please don't drop it

Today is an e candlelight vigil for the young man who just passed.   The local Suicide Awareness group is arranging the entire thing and asked for some one to take photos...   I felt a calling and volunteered if I could find a sitter.   Before I could even message around I had a friend contact me and told me to bring the kids over she would watch them.   It was meant to be I was suppose to take photos for this family that I know.  I never had the Honor of meeting their youngest son but I do know his parents and I am hoping to be able to capture today for them like I was able to capture for Balin's Family.

***UPDATE***  Things went great yesterday I have attached a few photos from it.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Better Together..... Pre Release book club

I have had the privilege of being chosen to sit in on a group of woman who will be reviewing and discussing the new book by Jill Savage.   The book is called Better Together; Because You're Not Meant to Mom Alone  By Jill Savage with Anne McClane.

If you have heard of Hearts at Home then you know these names all to well.  Hearts at Home is a great group of people to be a part of.  I have heard of them for about 3 years now.  I have not had the privilege to attend a conference but would love to in the future.


Hello!!  And welcome to my new blog page.  Let me do a quick introduction to myself :)  I am a SAHM to 3 children and 3, 4 legged children.  I spend a lot of my time volunteering in the classroom with Bailey (my middle child) There seems to always be an adventure in this house at some point during the day.

I like to try and be as frugal as possible in our house.  I make a lot of things from scratch.  This serves 2 purposes.   #1  Helps save money and #2 my middle has sensitivities to dairy and soy.  With those I have to be careful on things she eats and uses.   We use a lot of essential oils in our house as well for more all natural remedies.  My goal is to blog at least once a week.  I would love to do a blog a day but not going to set myself up for failure that quickly  :)

I like to take photos as well.  One of my hobbies that I love.  I will share some of that photography along the way.

   Any questions feel free to ask.   I have included some photos of the kids.  

Bailey 7, Colton 3, Hailey 10