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In Memory of Balin Robbins

In Memory of Balin Robbins
Believe in Making Someone's Life BEDR

August 21, 2014 our lives changed forever.  That was the day that Balin left our lives, but touched so many.  I will never forget the phone call I received on Aug 19.  My best friend called and I could tell something was wrong.  Her nephew was in a car accident and airlifted to Children's Hospital.  As I hung up I ran out the door to meet her as she jumped out of the moving vehicle into my arms.  From that day until the 20th we were at each other side.  I was dubbed the official babysitter lol.  I even took her to the Old Settlers Festival and my daughter forced us to ride a ride all together ;)

We cussed she squealed in delight and to this day we still laugh our asses off at it.   

Now before I go to much further you may be saying so who is Balin Robbins?   Truthfully I had never met him.  But I have heard thousands of stories and feel like I knew him my entire life.  He was not yhour typical teenager.  Most typical teenagers worry about themselves or getting in trouble.  Balin had a very caring heart.  He loved to help others and every picture I see of him he had a big smile on his face.  He was a little mischievous but in a comical way.  He was never in trouble.  HE loved super heroes.  His full name was Balin Ethan Daniel Robbins or for short..... B.E.D.R.   

His initials BEDR......   BEDR...   Sounded out basically it stands for better.    This is the foundation of the meaning behind make everyone's life BEDR.   Just as Balin tried to do.  

Even after death he continues to make others lives BEDR through his legacy.  He was an organ donor as well.  

The community rallied after his death.  It was amazing to see how the community pulled together for the family.  Unfortunately our small community has seen to much tragedy and to much death.  Especially of young ones.  Since Balin's passing there have been so many tragedies.  Our community is fragile, but still holds strong.  We come together when we need to and support the family that is in need.  

Superhero was the theme....   Everyone was encouraged to wear super hero shirts to the celebration of life. And oh my did they!!!  The service was perfect.  Pastor Jimmy Hayes did a wonderful job speaking not only to us adults but to the room full of classmates.  His words were perfect and touched the heart.  For the most part we did well.  We were able to celebrate a life and not cry to much.   But the kids.....  Oh the kids....  If me and Amanda saw the kids break we broke......   Our kids were hurting a new kind of hurt they had never known.  This broke us.   

August 30,2014
Memorial Lantern Release

My first "official" photography gig for Amanda and her family was for this lantern release.  It was beautiful.  The lanterns slowly guided up an over the lake as the bag pipes played in the back ground.  I ran around like a mad woman getting photos.  
The first photo I remember laying on the ground below the girls to take this photo ans saying..  Please don't drop it  lol And caught this great photo of them.  Bottom right is Balin's mom, Upper left is Amanda his Aunt and my best friend, and upper right is his great aunt.

I think they turned out pretty good  ;)   

The first year and holidays went by.  They were tough but they stayed strong and united as a family.  They held a fun run in honor of Balin to help raise funds for a bench at the high school in his honor.  They did other fundraisers as well and raised the funds for the bench.  Now they continue to raise funds to award a scholarship in his honor.  

Today was the bench dedication.  A little windy and cold.  Oh who am i kidding it was like gone with the wind on the prairie lol!!

Even though it was super windy it was still a great day.  I am looking forward to going out when it is not so windy and getting more pictures at the bench.

This year will be the 2nd Annual Balin Robbins Memorial Superhero 5K Fun Run/Walk.  It will Be June 11, 2016 at 9 AM.  Come out and dress as your favorite super hero and join the fun!

So as you go through your day think about how you can make someones life better?  How will you be remembered?  Will you be remembered as the person who never helped.  The person who is always putting people down..  Or will you be that person who attempts to make someones life better.  Even with the simplest acts of kindness.  It could just be opening a door for someone with a handicap.  Think about that as you go through your days how can you make someones life BEDR


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