Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Girl Scouts!!

This week, March 6-12, 2016 is National Girl Scout Week.  We Celebrated with our scouts on Monday night and I wanted to share a few photos and share some history.

To celebrate we started with some trivia about girl scouts.  Once we had the trivia complete we went on to the games Juliette Says, and Girl Scout to Girl Scout.  The girls then made swap boxes from cookie boxes and a birthday swap.  Then to end the meeting we had cake and ice cream in honor of the Girl Scouts Birthday.

Trivia time

Juliette Says

Girl Scout to Girl Scout

Swap boxes and birthday swap

Cake and a birthday card

Some information on Girl scouts from the Girl Scout Website


Traditions give Girl Scouts a sense of history—and inspire them to be the best they can be.
Sharing traditions with millions of Girl Scouts—and the huge network of Girl Scout alumnae who came before them—helps remind girls they belong to a big, powerful sisterhood.
A cornerstone of Girl Scouting, the seven Legacy badges build on over 100 years of Girl Scout history. Each of these badges (Artist, Athlete, Citizen, Cook, First Aid, Girl Scout Way, and Naturalist) is available at five levels of Girl Scouting, from Brownie to Ambassador.

Here are a few other popular traditions for Girl Scouts to enjoy.
Ceremonies honoring Founder's Day, which is celebrated on Juliette Gordon Low's birthday, are another valued Girl Scout tradition. They highlight the important role Juliette played in the development of the Girl Scout movement in the United States. Learn more about other Girl Scouts ceremonies.
  • Girl Scout Sign: Girl Scouts make the Girl Scout sign—raising three fingers of the right hand with the thumb holding down the pinky—when they say the Girl Scout Promise. The three fingers represent the three parts of the Promise.
  • Motto: The Girl Scout motto is "Be prepared." In the 1947 Girl Scout Handbook, the motto was explained this way: "A Girl Scout is ready to help out wherever she is needed. Willingness to serve is not enough; you must know how to do the job well, even in an emergency." The same ideas are true today.
  • Slogan: The Girl Scout slogan, which has been used since 1912, is "Do a good turn daily." The slogan is a reminder of the many ways girls can contribute positively to the lives of others.
  • Greeting: Girl Scouts can greet each other with the Girl Scout handshake, used by Girl Scouts and Girl Guides all over the world. The handshake is made by shaking hands with the left hand and making the Girl Scout sign with the right. The left hand is nearest to the heart and signifies friendship.
  • Friendship Circle: Representing the unbroken chain of friendship among Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the world, the Friendship Circle involves Girl Scouts standing in a circle, crossing their right arms over their left, and clasping hands with their friends on both sides. Everyone then makes a silent wish as a friendship squeeze is passed from hand to hand around the circle.
  • SWAPS: Girl Scouts often make small tokens of friendship to exchange with the Girl Scouts they meet while traveling. These little gifts are called ”SWAPS,” which stands for “Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere.”

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