Monday, May 2, 2016

Ways to diffuse without a diffuser

We all love our diffusers!!!  But what if you do not have one or can not afford one just yet.  There are ways around this ;) 

1.  Inhale them directly from the bottle.  
     Go straight to the source.  Crack open that bottle and deeply inhale the          aroma of the oil.  

2.  Place a drop or 2 in your hand, cup and inhale.  

3.  Make essential oil inhalers.  Very convenient to carry in a purse or bag.  

4.  Furnace filter.   Add a few drops to your filter in the furnace for a whole    house effect.  You will have to add oils every of couple days to keep up this  effect.  

5.  Room Sprays.  room sprays are a great way to add some scent to a room very quickly.  Here is a simple basic recipe:
16 oz Glass Spray Bottle
8 oz water (distilled works the best)
2 oz witch hazel or vodka
20-30 drops of your favorite oil

6.  Jewelry.  There are all kinds of diffuser jewelry on the market today that you can were.  

7.  Cotton ball.   Place a few drops of oil on a cotton ball and place where you want to be able to smell the oil.

8.  Pillow or stuffed animal method.  Place the oil directly on the pillow or the stuffed animal for a diffuser affect as you go to sleep

9.Baking soda in a jar with oils.  I do this around the cat litter box.  Get a small mason jar and place baking soda in it.  Add a few drops of your favorite oil and mix.  Put some holes in your lid and screw on and place where you would like to eliminate odors.  

These are just the tip of the ice berg on how to diffuse without a diffuser.  I will do some special blogs on specific recipes and ways to diffuse in the near future.  One will be an aromatherapy play doh.  

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