Monday, May 2, 2016

New item for Glasstic's bottles and 2 specials

Glasstic's bottles has come out with an accessory for your water bottles!!!!   Check out the new tea filter!!!!  For those who have not seen my blog on these bottles here is a quick run down.

These are shatterproof bottles that are safe to use with essential oils.  They also have a lifetime warranty.

The filter comes with 5 free tea samples when you order it.  This is also great for fruit infusions.  Place the fruit in the bottle.  Fill with water and insert the basket.  This keeps the fruit away from your mouth when drinking.  You can use loose leaf tea as well. 
 For Loose Leaf tea:  Remove the cap and pour in your tea packet.  Fill the bottle half way with hot water (approx. 8oz).  Insert the tea filter with the holes down and replace the cap.  Let the tea brew (approx. 2 minutes) then drink and enjoy!

Specials that are on the site at this moment:

I am super excited about the new tea filter and will be ordering this ASAP!!!!  

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