Friday, May 27, 2016

Ballet Recital and Suprise

So where do we begin on this crazy month.  One of the first major things that happened was the ballet recital this year.

Both of my girls take dance at Fusion Dance Center.  Bailey was in the Kidlet class that taught ballet and tap.  Hailey was in hip hop.

This year Bailey's costume was a cat!!!  Of all things lol.  Her favorite animal.  The Theme was Once Upon a Time.  One major plus this year.....  Only 1 costume change.  Last year was 4 I believe, which was great since Ronnie was out of town and was just me, grandma and Colton.  

Dress Rehearsal 


Tap (bad quality was taken with my phone)

Hailey is the one upside down lol


Baileys Bear and flower from the recital

Now the Dance center has a new competitive team that they hand pick girls to join.  Guess who got a letter to join last week!!!!!!!  Bailey!!!!  So proud of her.  he worked very hard this past year and now she gets to join the team.  Now mommy may have to sell a kidney to pay for this but its worth it to see her do something she loves!!  Can't wait to see what the next year has in store for us.

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