Monday, May 9, 2016

Service Area 20 Girl Scout Camp Out

This past weekend was the spring cam put for our service area.  The girls had a blast!!!  The weather was perfect for camping overnight out in our tents!!

The older girls were in charge of getting us a fire going on Friday night.  They did a great job with the fire safety.  We had pizza over the fire and peach blossoms over the fire.  Both were super nummy

We had a hand wash station outside so they could learn how they could wash their hands if there was not a bathroom around.  

Mary came from the ambulance and did some basic first aid with the girls and they made little first aid kits on Saturday.  They learned a lot from Mary.  Thanks again!

Friday evening there was a couple of crafts and SWAP making and some games.  We made s'mores over the fire just before going to bed.

Saturday morning the girls had to "hunt" their food out in the woods.   This is called a jungle breakfast.  They had fun hinting their food.  

They made nature journals and went for a nature hike early in the morning as well.

More crafts.  They made pine cone decorations that they could hang outside.  Colton had returned by this time and had to be in on the action as well.

The younger girls made dream catchers and the older girls did wind chimes.  

Lunch was your typical hot dogs over the fire.  We had left over peaches so I made a big pot of peach blossoms again  :) 

The girls had a great time and I think the moms did too.  We did have a visitor that night playing in the trash but he was well mannered besides banging the trash can.  He didn't' make a mess just noise :)   I tried to catch him at the mischief but never could see him.  

The girls are already asking when we can camp out again.  If your troop is interested in using the building for a troop camp out let us know whe can get you on the books!!!!  

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