Friday, May 27, 2016

End of First Grade

So this happened..  My girl finished first grade!!!  Hard to believe.   I will have a pre k, 2nd grade, and 5th grader all next year.  
The last few weeks of school were a blast   Lots of fun activities with the kiddos, including the rainbow fish play that had been working extra hard on.  Bailey played Angel fish.

The next fun thing was a pizza party that Colton and I went to and had fun with the kids.  After the pizza party was fun with shaving cream.  Oh my!!!  I have never seen the kids as hyper and excited as they were playing with the shaving cream.  Colton even got in on the action.  

We also gave Mrs. Neely her end of the year gift this day.  It was an "Orange you glad it's summer" basket.  I try to get creative with the gifts and this is what I came up with after cruising Pinterst.

I have to say between the kindergarten and first grade classes I think I got more attached to the first grade.  I spent more time in class doing math and reading centers with them and really got to watch them grow.  Very blessed to have teachers that love to have the parents come in and help out.  

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