Saturday, April 23, 2016

Cook cinnamon rolls, no oven

So we have all been there.  Cinnamon rolls look so yummy and tasty, but then you think "Ugh, I have to turn the oven on, let it pre heat, then cook the cinnamon rolls".   I know, I have said this before.  But now you have a quick easy way to do it.  

Grab your waffle iron and tada!!!!  Cinnamon rolls.  Quick, easy and no mess or oven.

Place the cinnamon rolls on the waffle iron and close the lid smashing them down some.  Then let them cook.  Mine cooks up perfectly with the timer for the waffles.  You may have to test your waffle iron to see how long to leave them.

When they are done you have cute little cinnamon rolls :)

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