Friday, April 29, 2016

Being Sick and Being a mom

Being sick and being a mom do NOT go well together because we do not get to have time off.  At least I don't.  I have so much going on I can't afford to be sick.  Well guess what.....  Last weekend we worked outside all weekend long.   And I mean worked.  Tilled up dirt, planted flowers, yard work......  You name it we did it I bet.

Sunday....  I noticed a little runny nose and a scratchy throat.   Ehhh  Allergies we have been outside all day.  Popped a Triese allergy pill and an OnGuard pill.

Monday....  Hmmmmmm still bugging me...  So I added the bomb towards the end of the day.... And some ibuprofen for the throat.

Now this blend will kick a minor bug fairly quickly typically.

Tuesday......  Oh dear lord did you get the name of the Mack truck that totally ran me over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   My body just ached and my throat hurt.  I had chills and would break in a sweat but no fever....  Did the bomb again. Since I only got one in the night before.  I normally notice a difference after 4.   #4 hit and I was worse.......

Wednesday...   Dr bound I was.  My throat was super icky nasty.  Tested for strep (even though I have no tonsils) and was negative.  Was treat for a pharyngitis.  After 2 of those magic pills on Wednesday Thursday I felt like a new woman again.  Now I had to keep telling myself to rest because I knew I was still sick...

Now you may be saying ok Brandi what is the purpose to this blog....   Well here it is.....

I am not a Dr.   Do I use oils to ease feeling under the weather or scrapes and such...  Yes...  But there is a time and a place where you have to go the Dr.  And this was it.  I told my PA that I had used oils, gotten worse and her I am.  She laughed, she said I am glad you see when you need to come in.  I am very lucky to have a dr that is into the essential oils like we are.  Some Drs. do not like EO users.  I am straight forward and will tell them what we have tried.  If it has worked or if it hasn't.  They love to here success stories and usually make a note of it.

So please remember, never just stop a medication and opt for essential oils.  If you want to do this I will recommend the oil to try and then I will advise you to speak to your Dr about stopping any medication.  I do not recommend that at all.  And if you have tried something and it has not worked or has even gotten worse....   Go to the dr. Tell them what you tried and what has happened.

I am happy to report today I am better.  Still sore throat but most other symptoms gone.  We went to Springfield to get some Girl Scout Items and are now taking it easy.  :)

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