Monday, April 18, 2016

Florida Vacation

We are back from our vacation!!!!  And what a great vacation it was!!

The photo above is from the Okefenokee Swamp Park.  This was a very very neat place we went to on the way home.  The alligators are wild and there are NO FENCES holding them in.   There are signs everywhere to stay on the walk way they do not go on them.  And all encounters are wild.  

The upper 2 photos are of a very very big boy laying by a bridge.  That bridge is what you cross to go to the bathroom.........  I'll hold it thank you :).  Some of the workers came by later and got him to move.......   But when I said they are wild and no fences there ya go.  

This was a gator we saw in the water I was able to snap this gorgeous photo of.  

Our first stop was Jacksonville Beach and then on to Daytona Beach.  Above is Colton's first jump in the ocean.  It was great!!!!  Out of the 2 beaches Jacksonville is our favorite by far!!!!!  

We also fed the sea gulls at Jacksonville

This was our view from the Best Western Oceanfront Hotel at Jacksonville!!!

Smack in the middle of vacation we had a surprise for the girls that involved a scavenger hunt to find the prize.

Needless to say the girls were a little excited to find out that we were headed to Disney for a day.  It was a great day in the Magic Kingdom.  Even mom and dad were like little kids since none of us had ever been.

Bailey was selected to go on stage with Captain Jack Sparrow and become a pirate!!!!

And Colton melted our hearts with this encounter with Cinderella.  He was tired, he was crabby but upon seeing Cinderella this happened.  

The girls got to meet their favorites as well and were supper excited.  

All in all it was a great and exhausting day for all.

On the way home we passed Metropolis, Illinois.  the home of Superman so we had to stop there and show the kids. 

Now it is back to reality and getting the house ready for summer!!!!!!  We also have a ballet recital approaching quickly and lots of fun activities with the scouts and school!!!

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