Monday, February 29, 2016

World Thinking Day 2016

This past weekend our Girl Scout Troop celebrated World Thinking Day.

What is World Thinking day??

It has been celebrated since 1926 and is a day of International friendship.  It is a day used to speak out on issues that affect girls and young women and a way to fundraiser for 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the world.

With our troop we went around the world to learn about scouts and guides from other countries.

Our first stop was in Australia.  The girls learned about Australia and the Girl Guides there.  The made boomerang swaps and at the end of our journey they got to try the famous snack of fairy bread.

After Australia the girls went to Ireland.  They learned about Ireland and the blarney stone.  They also learned about the Girl Guides in Ireland.  The girls made blarney stones and had green punch.

Next, the girls went to Greece.  In Greece they learned how the levels are a little different from the levels of scouts in the US.  They learned a little Greece history and made Olympic torches.  Once back home they sampled some Greece Butter cookies.

The last international stop on our flight was in Japan.  In Japan they learned about the levels of the scouts and about their pledge and how it was similar to our own.  The colored and made Kokeshi paper dolls and paper fans.  Once home they sampled "sushi"

The girls ended their round trip flight back home in the USA and looked at the scouts of the US.  WE also had a photo booth and snacks once home.  

Our Sushi from Japan.  How cute is that!!!

Greece butter cookies
The girls had a great day even though this even had a low turn out and learned lots of things. We are looking forward to the next Service Area 20 Event and are in hopes of a great time once again !! We would like to thank The Zone for the donation of the building!!  And for the moms who helped out on this event and donations they gave!!!

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