Thursday, February 18, 2016

Girl Scouts

Besides using and sharing my love of doTERRA Oils, I wanted to share my other passion as of the paste year.  

                                                 This is a picture of my girl scouts  :)
                                                           (Safety pin training night)

The past year I have become very involved in our scout troop and have become a co-leader with the awesome Sarah!  We have tons and tons of fun and are very very active.  Unfortunately scouts are a dying breed in our area.  Boys and Girls..

Our troop is a multi division group because of this.  Many have come to us because we are so active.  Sarah and I, along with 2 or 3 others, will put on events for the whole service area we are in.  Even those events are poorly attended.  It is our hopes to get scouts up and going in the area again.

My daughter, Bailey, is a daisy and will bridge this spring to brownies.  My step daughter, Hailey, is  first year Junior.  Colton is our honorary cub scout for the moment since he is only 3 but attends alot of events ;)

Our troop has 2 events coming up:

Cookie Booth

National Thinking Day

Sarah and I, along with some Boy Scout representatives, are going to be touring the local camp here in town and prepping to make repairs.   We are in hopes of getting it back up and running and having events local once again like they did years ago.

The one thing we need....  Active, energetic leaders!!!!!  The boys and the girls!!!!!!  We need leaders who will put forth an effort for these kids who are so anxious and want to learn and do things.  If you are interested let me know I can get you the information on how you can help!!!

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