Saturday, January 16, 2016

Community in Mourning

For those who know me you know about our precious community....  For those who do not........   Our community is falling apart at the seams.....  So much tragedy over the past years and more and more just keeps pounding it non stop.   This all started about a year and a half ago.   I was sitting at home.  I had heard there was a horrific crash on a popular country travel road for teens called Seven Sisters.   Said my prayers for the family and kids and went about my day.  Until I got a strange text from my best friend who then proceeded to show up at my house jumping out of a moving care in tears..........  Her nephew.......   So this was the first blow that started things and they have not stopped since......  After we made it through that tragedy I was struck with one of my own.   My dad became ill and all in a months time we went from ill, to a tumor, to surgery and 18 days in the hospital..........  That is an ongoing story in itself...

After this we had smaller things pop up here and there including myself having a major surgery.   Then it all started up again....  More kids in accidents, killed, sudden deaths of younger adults that should not have happened, including a dad of one of Bailey's classmates (that was a tough one to talk through).  And then a suicide of a young teen.........  And then another adult gone to soon...........   I know i am missing other major ones but I think this gives you an idea of how our community is breaking.   The poor kids of this community...   3 kids gone all too soon all around the same high school age.....

With my best friends accident we did a lantern release in his honor at the lake.....  I volunteered to take photos.  I dabble in photography so I thought maybe I can catch some special moments for them.  And did....
My request to the girls...  Please don't drop it

Today is an e candlelight vigil for the young man who just passed.   The local Suicide Awareness group is arranging the entire thing and asked for some one to take photos...   I felt a calling and volunteered if I could find a sitter.   Before I could even message around I had a friend contact me and told me to bring the kids over she would watch them.   It was meant to be I was suppose to take photos for this family that I know.  I never had the Honor of meeting their youngest son but I do know his parents and I am hoping to be able to capture today for them like I was able to capture for Balin's Family.

***UPDATE***  Things went great yesterday I have attached a few photos from it.

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