Thursday, July 13, 2017

All Natural Supplements That Have Changed My Life

I wanted to talk a little today about some new products I have started in my life that have changed everything!!!!!!

So a little over a month ago I started this little pill:

Doesn't look like much until you read the description.  This little pill reduced my stress by 90%!!!!!!!!  I was truly amazed at how it worked.  Normal things that I would have snapped about I was totally ok with.  I also noticed my body detox a little when I started it.  So what does that mean....  It was pushing out some bad microbes from my gut.

Once having the success with this product I ordered the Triplex Combo and started it.   IT is recommended that you start slowly with this product.  The best way to do this is drink the Slim for 3 days or so then add in a Probio 5 for a few more days and then add the BioCleanse.  This will keep you from rapidly detoxing all at once.

So how do you use these products and what exactly do they do for your body.

This is a great visual for you to look at.   When you want to promote something healthy to grow you first need to weed out the bad.  That is where the probio5 and biocleanse come into play.  They help to get the yeast in balance and cleanse the GI system.  I take these 2 before bed.

Once you have weeded the bad you need to seed or plant the good.  That is the vitalbiome.  It promotes the good microbiome to grow. You need to see everyday.  I slipped up and missed a few days and the stress intsanlty came back.  I take this first thing in the morning.

Next you need to water your garden.  That is the Slim.  The newly reformulated Slim contains prebiotics that feed and water the vitalbiome, or seeds, that you just planted.  I try to get my slim in around lunch time.  Everyone is different with how it works best for them.  Some do first thing in the morning.

Lastly you want to protect everything you just planted.  The Xfactor plus does just this, plus much much more.

I have not slept this good in years.  I am not stressed out over the little things anymore.  I can actually relax and enjoy things instead of stressing over the little thing.  Since I am sleeping more I also have more energy to do more things.  And best of all these products are all natural!!!!!

If you would like more information or would like to see what other amazing products are offered you can go HERE and check them out.  Without these products I would still be a walking zombie from lack of sleep and a stressed out anxiety mess. Plexus for the win!!!!!

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